Radio Plus+ Electronics is located in Pensacola, Florida and was begun in the mid-1980's to provide MW DXers with DX tools that would enhance the DXing experience.  It is run by me, Gerry Thomas, KB4JFM, a DXer since the mid-1970's.  We don't have a storefront or listed phone number; preferred contact is via email.  Over the years, most sales have come as the result of word-of-mouth referrals and reviews in radio club bulletins. Nonetheless, hundreds of our flagship product, the Quantum Loop, have been sold and are in use by DXers around the world.
    We are a very small shop with limited personnel and production capabilities.  All of our products are designed in-house by me and manufactured in our shop (with some components "farmed out" to local fabricators) in short (<20) production runs.  Every effort is made to utilize quality American-made components in our products but some components simply aren't available domestically.  Nonetheless, over 80% of the component cost of Radio Plus+ products goes to parts made in the USA and Canada.  Circuit boards are populated and soldered by hand and are "burned in" for 36-48 hours before shipping to detect any weak electronic components.   Shipping of in-stock items is, therefore, generally within two days of receipt of a money order or PayPal payment.  It is STRONGLY recommended, though, that you check with us about the availability of a given item before placing an order to avoid a frustrating wait.
  Thanks for considering Radio Plus+ as your source for the best value DX equipment.

73...Gerry Thomas, KB4JFM