Having been a member of radio clubs for over 25 years, I can attest to the value of  membership in hobby organizations.  Membership keeps your hobby interest high, keeps you abreast of developments in the hobby, gives you an idea of what other DXers in your part of the country are hearing, and so on.  In addition, the radio club publications have periodic receiver and antenna reviews, electronic circuits of use to DXers, current FCC actions, network listings, DX tips, special DX tests, thoughts of the members, and so on.  For less than the price of dining out one night, you can have a year's worth of invaluable information and camaraderie. Membership dues are easily the best spent money you can invest in your hobby.
    Because I feel so strongly about supporting the radio clubs, Radio Plus+ offers a 10% discount on all of the items it sells (not including shipping and handling).  The 10% discount on some of Radio Plus+ products will just about cover a year's membership in any of the clubs listed below.   Visit their websites or drop them a line and if you like what you see, join a club and help support the DX hobby!

NATIONAL RADIO CLUB--- A MW-only DX club that has been publishing the DX News since 1933.  New memberships are $26/year. 
 Visit http://www.nrcdxas.org for more info.

A MW-only club that publishes the DX Monitor.  Also offers the internet-based Soft DX Monitor.  Dues are $25/year for the hard-copy version; $10/year for the email version.  Trial memberships are also available. 
Visit the IRCA web page at: www.ircaonline.org

LONGWAVE CLUB OF AMERICA--- A LW-only club that publishes the Lowdown.  Contact http://www.lwca.org.

   ONTARIO DX ASSOCIATION--- An all-band club based in Canada with a little something for everyone.  Visit http://www.odxa.on.ca for more info. 

 If you are a member of a club not listed above and would like the club to be considered for the Radio Plus+ discount, contact us at radioplus@bellsouth.net