Below is a sampling of some of the unsolicited feedback we've received from DXers regarding Radio Plus+ products.  Thanks to all who have taken the time to contact us.

"(The QX Loop) is great.  I'm really impressed."  JR,CO

"This (the Quantum Loop) is one of the finest examples of workmanship and  functionality for the price I've ever seen in the radio hobby...30+ years." JR,GA

"Your Quantum Loop works great---in actual side-by-side tests, it beats the ******* and *****-*****."  JG,MD

"The Quantum Phaser works great!" MC,MA

"Your Q-Stick really works!  I want to order another." TB,GA

"...checked out the QX Loop with a Drake R8B and I'm hooked." LC,CA

"Radio Plus+ is unsurpassed in customer satisfaction." GH,CA

"Was able to phase out a local pest (with the Q-Stick+) and log a station in Manitoba."  RG,IL

"The (Quantum Loop) amplifier is stable---quite a feat with that much gain.  Everything functions smoothly.  Nulling is excellent ---and not fussy.  Gosh, it's hard to design, engineer, and produce something this good.  Have had many air-core and ferrite loops (including the **-*, ***** ****, and ********), none is better or as easy to use.  Thanks."  EG, WA

"Managed to null S-9+55 dB local pest with your Quantum Phaser."  BL, NY

"The Quantum Loop is amazing." CH, RI   

"Picked up France-162 kHz (in mid-August) on the 2010/Q-Stick+; (was also) able to null out the 391 beacon...and hear DDP, Puerto Rico." JA, ON

"Logged three new beacons and two new states in the first half-hour with the QX Pro." MS,ON

"Personally, I think the Quantum Loop is the best loop I've ever used." MP,IN

"The Q-Stick makes the DX-380 a real hot rod...stations completely inaudible jump out of the noise." BH,FL

"The Quantum Loop sounds "cleaner" than the other amplified ferrite loop I had---signal seems to be cleaner and more distinct than with other loops...sure looks like a winner here." BW,OK

"In side-by-side tests, the Quantum Loop outperforms the ****, and at about half the price." CB,FL

"The QX Loop works as good as it looks!!!" DM,PA

"The QX Pro absolutely blows away the ****.  The preselector feature and Q-multiplier has turned my inverted-L into a real DX sniffer!" RK, PA

"The QX Loop is very impressive!" KW, KY

"I'm very amazed at the QX Loop's sensitivity and selectivity!" JR, CO

"[The Quantum Phaser] has worked like a champ!  It helped me log several new Hawaiians that are really tough here."  CH, WA

"Am enjoying my new QX Pro.  I've logged many new stations since purchasing it."  JM,KS

"Wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a fantastic antenna.  The QX has helped me log many, many new stations, including two BC stations that I'm sure wouldn't have been possible before."  EL, IL

"[The Quantum Phaser] is clearly #1 against the ***-**** and the ***-*." via RJ, NC

"The QX Pro performs exactly as promised.  Great job!"  RS, MO

"The Quantum Coupler works like a champ!"  AM, VA

"...am amazed at the results on LW [with the QX Pro]."  RMcG, MA

"I've experimented with antennas alla my life.  No single antenna type has ever made
such a difference to me in hearing new DX as has the Quantum Phaser!  I'm VERY 
happy. The Quantum Phaser is the easiest phaser I've ever used.  Thanks for creating
such a superior product at a very fair price!" 

"The Q-Stick+ works great and is very compact."  RK, PA

"Just got the Quantum Phaser...and phased WLXN-1440 into the dust. WOW!  You're 
right, it's much easier to use than the others.  Have listed my ***-* for sale."  RJ, NC

"I'm hearing DX I never thought possible!  [with the QX Loop ].  JR, MO

"...am absolutely pleased [with the QX Pro].  I have owned a XXXXX XXXX Loop and a XXXX Loop, the QX Pro outperforms them.  Have logged many new stations.  Nulls are quite good and the QX and Q-Spoil have worked wonders... " LL, MS

"I must confess I never thought the improvement in reception (with the Q-Stick+) would be so great!   PA, Italy

"I've been pulling in stations [with the QX Loop] I've never been able to get before.  From the looks to the functionality, I couldn't be more pleased.  I say this as an Electronics Tech of 30 years.  Thanks again Gerry for a fine product and great service!"  BB,PA

"I am blown away (by the Quantum Phaser).  I used an XXX XXXX (MW modified)...the QP is leaps and bounds above the XXX...smooth controls, easier and deeper nulls  I don't think I've been this happy with a product since I got my R-390A up and running.  Outstanding product Gerry!"  FS, PA

"You certainly take excellent care of your customers.  Thanks very much." DT, NJ

"I use it [QX Pro] for 3 days and I could catch some DX MW stations which I have never hear before..."  YH, Japan

"I would like to thank you for having such fine products available for MW BCB Listeners and DXers.  I recently purchased a Quantum QX Loop Antenna and a Quantum Phaser...I am very, very happy with these products...  It seems that your products are equally as good as your very, very prompt replies to questions and very, very prompt service, all  of which I would rate as 5 STAR (*****).  This I find quite unusual in this day and age..." FS,ME

"I have been pleased beyond expectations with the Q-Stick+."  WD,FL

"...the [QX Loop] works great.  I was amazed at...how strong the signal became compared to anything else I've used." JM,ON

"I logged 'T,' 280 kHz, Argentina the other night [with the QX Pro].  This is my longest catch to date, and it is 5383 miles!.  I can get stations that no one else is getting." BW,AL

"Just wanted to let you know that the loop is working great!" BM,CA

"The Quantum Loop is great.  Your products and service are tops.  You're a '10' in my book." SB,MD

"...that first night [with the QX Pro] I logged almost every distant beacon I had ever logged...I was able to pick up [in daylight] a beacon I knew of but had never logged before...I am quite impressed." KL,CA

"The QX Pro is so much more convenient to use than the ****.  Thanks again for another fantastic MW DXing tool." FS,NC

"I really appreciate you prompt service." GM,BC

"I have to tell you, I am one satisfied customer.  Day time performance [of the QX Pro] is unreal.  Dealing with you has been a very pleasureable experience." JV,NC

"...been having fun with the QX Pro...nulled pest WGN and picked up CHTN, Prince Edward Island the first night.  It really makes a difference with the Sat 800." RS,IL

"The loop and phaser are working great and I'm very impressed with both.  There are lots of new BCB stations in the log using both." RR,NC

"I'm very pleased with my Quantum Phaser.  Thanks Gerry, you've done it again!" KA

"The QX Loop and Phaser arrived safely.  Initial tests indicate this gear is vastly superior to anything I've yet tried." CM,NE

"Received the Quantum Coupler and it works great on the Sony 2010.  Thanks for providing another quality radio product!" RG,FL

"Received [the Quantum Phaser] and am stunned!  I live on Long Island in the shadow of many 50 kWers; I'm able to phase them down into the noise.  The Phaser is going to open up a whole new world on the AM band.  You really do a terrific job with these products.  Thanks for a great product!" DY,NY

"...your antenna [QX Pro] is a performer!  I'm hearing things I couldn't before!" MC

"It's [QX Loop] fantastic!" TR,NY

"Your antenna is like driving a Cadillac.  Very low noise floor." RF

"Having used your loop and phaser, I must say that I am very impressed.  It has opened up some of those elusives hiding under the stronger stations." DT,GB

"Thanks again for the best customer service I've ever had!" JH,GA

"I wanted to let you know that I received the loop and coupler and LOVE IT!" SD

"Having had the v2.0 for a while now, I have to tell you that it is great! Stations I never knew existed come out of the woodwork.  Best antenna I've ever had in 35 years of BCB DXing."  GH,IL

"For the MW DXer, your products are more fun than a barrel of monkeys and they really pull in the DX!  Many thanks." PR, Canada

"I just wanted to tell you that I live in a very high noise area and that [with the loop and phaser] I'm able to null out 90% of the noise.  I just wanted to tell you how much fun I'm having." RK

"This thing [Quantum Phaser] is going to totally change my way of DXing.  Thanks for the great products!" JH, GA

"I am really impressed with the loop [v2.0]. I have had the xxxxx-xxxxx, xxxxxxx, and xxxx loops in the past and yours beats them all." WN

"With the Quantum QX Loop v2.0, who needs a longwire?" GB,FL

"This antenna [v2.0] kicks a$$!  Thanks again for making such a great antenna!" TR,MD

"OH YES! This is what I've been waiting for!  The [v2.0] works FANTASTIC!" BB,AZ

"Saying that I'm satisfied with the [v2.0] loop would be an understatement.  It has been a genuine pleasure to own and use this product.  I'm ready to order one of your phasers now."  JT,AZ

"The Quantum Phaser is amazing.  Last night, KDYL, South Salt Lake City, UT [was logged] running 149W under my local on 1060...positive ID...woohoo!  That QTH is 650 miles north of here.  Amazing...!"  JT, AZ

"...used the Tropical Bands loop head last night.  It is FANTASTIC!"  CM,TX

"Just want to let you know what a fan I am of the Quantum Loop.  It really does a remarkable job pulling out tough signals, especially those hidden 500w stations.  It works great with the Eton E1."  AF, TX